Institute of Polymer Research

Polymer Technology Centre

In the new built Polymer and Hydrogen Technology Centre we currently equip the research platform Polymer Technology Centre (PTC). Here, the transfer of membrane-based separation technologies to industrial applications is to be pushed along.
In the laboratories and functional rooms of the PTC we will especially develop tailor-made polymers for the manufacturing of membranes and will characterise them. Our main focus is on new materials for membrane applications for filtration and gas separation, which can be produced here in an industry-related scale.

Particular emphasis is placed on sustainable process management: recycling of used solvents through proprietary membrane technology, development of solvent-free processes for polymerisation and membrane production.

At the Polymer and Hydrogen Technology Center, we work closely with hydrogen research colleagues of the “Sustainable Energy Technology Division”, who maintain their own research platform in the building with the HTC (Hydrogen Technology Centre).

A joint research focus of the PTC and the HTC is the development of hydrogen storage modules made of polymer light metal hydride composites. (BMBF research project HyScore "Efficient H2 storage by novel hierarchical porous core-shell structures with embedded light metal hydrides".

Hydrogen Technology Centre