Magnesium Innovation Centre MagIC

Wrought Magnesium Alloys

The focus of the Wrought Magnesium Alloys department lies on the development of magnesium sheet - from the twin roll casting of magnesium strip followed by the warm rolling process.

In order to realise the potential of wrought magnesium alloys and promote their use in industrial applications, the research work of the department is focussed on the development of new alloys with competitive properties and the optimisation of the processing steps necessary to generate semi-finished products with tailored textures.

Understanding deformation and recrystallisation

Underlying these developments is a basic knowledge of the effects of various thermo-mechanical treatments (forging, extrusion, twin-roll casting, rolling) on the microstructure and the resulting mechanical properties together with a deep understanding of the deformation and recrystallisation behaviour during thermo-mechanical treatments. This scientific correlation between alloy composition effects and deformation processing measures leads ultimately to semi-finished magnesium alloy products with improved mechanical properties and formability.

An important goal in this context is to extend the forming limits of sheet materials subjected to deep drawing processes in order to meet increasing technical and economic requirements. The current focus of these activities is being placed on the processing of magnesium alloy sheet via twin-roll casting and subsequent warm rolling.